You matter to God

You matter to God

Saturday, August 20, 2016

reDesigned, reLaunching, reTelling the stOry

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I am always reminded and fascinated about the story of the Samaritan woman whom Jesus met in the well. After her encounter with the Lord, she rushed to the community and told them who she met. I want to be like the Samaritan woman, telling my encounter with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His faithfulness through the years.

Through the grace of God, this book was published in April 2015. I had a soft launch to my circle of influence within my family and friends and featured it on this blog. During the last year, I was led to make some changes and one of them is to partner with my husband to redesign the cover replacing the one made by the publisher. I feel more satisfied and full of joy knowing that this book is a fruit of the combined gifts that the Lord Jesus Christ has entrusted to both myself and my husband.

This devotional book is a testimony, a collection of 40 personal stories of God's love and faithfulness. My prayer is that it will encourage you, if you haven't yet, to spend quiet time each day for 40 days seeking God's presence and listening to His voice. It has always been my passion to pursue God's presence through carving time every morning each day praising, worshipping, reading His Word, the Bible and enjoying His presence. Those precious moments are the times I find true treasures, wisdom and most of all experiencing the power of God's unfailing love. I pray that the invitation to spend the next 40 days as you read the devotional will not end there, but it will just be a beginning of continuous daily lifestyle of spending special moments with God.  Part of the book is called "Fragmentation," a time to reflect on your own story and write down your introspection. For those who already have the time of daily devotion in ink, my prayer is that the message of this book to go deeper into God's vision for your life will be an inspiration to go and take the next steps to fulfilling it as the Holy Spirit leads you.

The purpose of writing the personal stories is to give glory and honor to the Only One and True God who so loved us and gave His One and Only Son for us (For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 NIV). He is into every detail, every fragment of our lives.

To you who decided to read on, if you are seeking to know God and have a longing in your heart to experience His love, my prayer is that my story shared in this book which is a small fragment of God's big story will inspire you and encourage you to draw to Him closer and closer as He reaches out with His love for you. May you open the door of your heart as He knocks to meet with you.

You are a fragment of a big story! You are O-sO-lOved!